On City Photography

City Photography

On City Photography “For me, cities are enormous bodies of people’s desires.” Daidō Moriyama City photography is not much of a genre or style as some people might think. City photography is a beautiful continent in which many photography genres can flourish. Cities have been drawing photographers’ attention almost from its birth, and is still doing it strongly at least once in every photographer’s lives. Some photographers fall so deeply in love with cities that they simply can’t go back to shooting anything else that isn’t something linked to the…

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7 Reasons You Should Try Street Photography

Street Photography is one of the hardest genres and therefore quite frustrating when trying it out for a short time. Not only will the pictures look totally different from the ones you see from your role models, the question is if you even will overcome your fear of photographing in public and getting closer to strangers. A Street Photographer needs to master not only photography but also grow a strong character to deal with the frustration and conquer his shyness. Hence even if you are not interested in Street Photography,…

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Street Photography Techniques to Help You Take Better Pictures

Street Photography Techniques People on Busy Street

Familiarity with our environment often results in fantastic street photograph opportunities being overlooked in spite of them being right in front of our eyes. Without the application of good street photography techniques, such opportunities can pass us by. Gaining confidence to get closer to your subjects is the key to successful street photography. These street photography techniques are intended to help you do just that. Follow our advice and you will capture the special scenes as they unfold before you and produce interesting street images. Street Photography Tips for Beginners…

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What is Street Photography?

What is Street Photography Street Skyscrapers

What is Street Photography? Photographers have been documenting their surroundings them since the invention of photography. They started a long tradition of street photography stretching back to the 19th century, encouraged by improvements in the portability and quality of cameras and processing. From this time, There has been predisposition among photographers to create a permanent record of urban life. Photographic documentation captures changes in the fast-paced world of life in towns and cities. From the beginning, personal interest was the driving force behind many early street photographers. However, this did…

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