12 Tips to Master Night Photography

Night Photography

Taking pictures during the night can be very trying for amateurs. In fact, night photography is one of the most difficult aspects of photography to master. The focus of the image is hard to find in the dark and shadows add an extra layer of complexity to the shoot. It requires you to control ISO, aperture, and shutter speed among numerous other considerations. However, there are several rules to follow that can help to simplify the process. When you get familiar with the rudiments, you’ll discover that night photography is…

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10 Tips for Stunning Bird Photography

10 Bird Photography Tips

Birds have been one of the best subjects for picture takers throughout time since they have a moving spectacle and bewilder us with their endowment of flight and sheer variety. With regards to capturing birds and their behaviour, getting it on film will bring a huge visual effect and feeling to any image. For picture takers, a bird can be an astonishing focal point of consideration because of its mind blowing flight abilities. If you are keen on mastering nature photography, birds in particular, below are 10 tips to help…

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Background Pictures and Photography Background Images

Background Pictures and Photography Background Images Photographer Taking Photograph of Landscape Background

Background Pictures and Photography Background Images Background pictures and background photography has always presented a challenge for digital photography beginners. The photography background can steal attention away from the subject and distract viewers if care is not taken. However, background disturbance can be avoided if certain steps are taken. Basic Photography Techniques It is worth reviewing some basic photography techniques that apply to every subject before looking at the photography background. Equipment and experience are fundamental to creating great pictures as well as the background. Combining these factors effectively will…

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