Quicrypto – Android App


Quicrypto gives you the chance to earn Nano by completing tasks in return for rewards. Tasks include the usual stuff such as surveys, downloading apps, watching adverts. However, Quicrypto stands out from other apps of this type by offering rewards by interacting with other apps and platforms. I have earned quite a bit watching and liking YouTube videos. You can also earn from interacting with Twitter, Soundcloud, Spotify and other apps. You will need a Nano wallet to transfer your earnings. This is really simple to setup and I have…

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Pitacoin – Android App


Pitacoin is a simple Android app that offers you the chance to earn Bitcoin by predicting the price of Bitcoin. Each day you guess whether the value will increase or decrease and you are rewarded if your prediction is correct. The reward increases up to a maximum reward each day you guess right and resets to minimum when you’re wrong. Even if you’re wrong you are awarded a small consolation for watching an advert. This is a really simple, low maintenance way of earning a few Bitcoins. I haven’t yet…

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Money Miner – Android App

Money Miner

Money Miner Android App (Possibly Fake) Money miner is an Android app that allows you to earn US Dollars ($) for free by using your Android mobile telephone. It is incredibly simple to set up and use. Simply download the app, enter a few details and you’re off and running. The app works by “mining” dollars. You can increase the mining speed by watching adverts, or by purchasing extra mining power with your balance, which builds up over time. A more recent feature is the option to increase mining power…

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Airtime Rewards – Android and iPhone App

airtime rewards app

Another free Android and iPhone app that gives rewards for spending money, this time giving you discounts on your mobile phone bill for shopping at selected stores. It works by registering your credit and debit cards on the app. Every time you shop at a selected store, a discount is applied and added to your balance. When you reach the £5 threshold, you can apply this to your mobile phone account and the money comes off your bill. There are a couple of things to be wary of here; you…

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Sweatcoin – Android and iPhone App


Sweatcoin pays you to walk. The app used to pay only for steps taken outside, but now pays for all steps inside or out, which helps if you’re currently living under a lockdown. The app pays you in its own token (Sweatcoins) for every verified step you take outside. You can then exchange these coins for offers when the balance reaches the correct level. You can also increase your Sweatcoin balance by entering a draw and watching adverts. There are several levels within the app that allow you to earn…

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Winwalk – Android App


Much like Sweatcoin, Winwalk is an app that rewards you for walking. Available for Android only, Winwalk also offers you the chance to increase your earnings by completing tasks such as watching adverts and entering draws. One major difference from Sweatcoin is that you have to remember to open the app and manually add your daily walking balance to your total. Other than that, its really simple to use. Download Winwalk app here and get a welcome bonus: DOWNLOAD WINWALK APP FOR ANDROID HERE For similar apps see: Sweatcoin –…

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Electroneum – Android and iPhone App


Electroneum is one of those apps that run in the background on your Android or iPhone accruing tokens automatically over time. In this case the token is, as the apps name suggests, Electroneum. There is a somewhat thorough registration process, where you are required to upload an image of yourself, but once its done, you only need login once per week to reset the counter and keep on accruing Electroneum. Once your balance reaches 100, the balance is automatically transferred to your wallet, which is included in the app. From…

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StormPlay – Android and iPhone App


Stormplay is available for Android and iPhone systems. The app allows you to earn cryptocurrency though the completion of a variety of tasks such as downloading apps, completing surveys and watching adverts. The app allows you to earn Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dai, Litecoin and the apps own Storm tokens. You can pay out to your wallet once the threshold for each has been reached. The app has paid out Bitcoin to my wallet on several occasions, so I can verify it is genuine. The only slight gripe that I have is…

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Crypto Idle Miner – Bitcoin Tycoon – App for Android and iPhone

Crypto Idle Miner - Bitcoin Tycoon

Bitcoin Idle Miner – Bitcoin Tycoon is a game for the Android and iPhone that pays you crytocurrency for playing. The cryto rewards are paid in Hora Tokens, rather than Bitcoin as the title might suggest. HORA Tokens are new type of cryptocurrency, built on the TRC20 system on the Tron network. I use Tron Wallet to store my Hora Tokens and have accumulated over 20,000 through playing this game once a day over the past few months. Tokens are distributed periodically according to your finishing place on a league…

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Coin App – Android and iPhone App

Coin App

Coin App is an app that I had sitting on my phone for a while before I started to use it properly. Its available for Android and iPhones and rewards the user with coins for giving away geolocation data. These coins can then be converted to XYO tokens stored on the Ethereum network. You can earn coins in a number of ways: By travelling around, collecting coins for each location you visit. In the current state of restricted movement/lockdown, your earning potential is limited, unless you have specific circumstances. However,…

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