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Money Miner

Money Miner Android App (Possibly Fake)

Money miner is an Android app that allows you to earn US Dollars ($) for free by using your Android mobile telephone. It is incredibly simple to set up and use. Simply download the app, enter a few details and you’re off and running.

The app works by “mining” dollars. You can increase the mining speed by watching adverts, or by purchasing extra mining power with your balance, which builds up over time. A more recent feature is the option to increase mining power more significantly by performing tasks such as surveys or downloading apps. Beware as there is a cost attached to some of the apps on offer, but this is always highlighted in the instructions. You can cash out when your balance reaches $100.

At the time of writing, I haven’t reached the $100 cash out limit, so can’t verify that it works. It does take time to build up speed, but I’m currently accumulating $2 per day and mining speed is building more quickly now as I can purchase more power frequently.

On the positive side, it runs in the background by itself with very little effort so I am persevering with it and will post an update when I reach the $100 cash out. However, beware that this could be a fake app.

You can download the app here: DOWNLOAD MONEY MINER ANDROID APP Enter this code to receive $1 on your balance: UCGUFKPNKD

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