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Coin App

Coin App is an app that I had sitting on my phone for a while before I started to use it properly. Its available for Android and iPhones and rewards the user with coins for giving away geolocation data. These coins can then be converted to XYO tokens stored on the Ethereum network.

Coin App

You can earn coins in a number of ways:

  1. By travelling around, collecting coins for each location you visit. In the current state of restricted movement/lockdown, your earning potential is limited, unless you have specific circumstances. However, the designers have included a new feature that rewards the user for staying at home.
  2. Looking at adverts.
  3. Playing simple games to refresh the rewards for the locations square you currently occupy.
  4. Weekly bonus drops. These seem to increase with the amount of travelling you do but still provide a significant amount for staying at home.
  5. HODL rewards. This adds a percentage of your coin balance and your XYO holdings. You have to link your XYO wallet but this is simple and well worthwhile.
  6. By witnessing ‘Big Geomines’.
  7. ‘Geoclaiming’ an area by paying for a percentage from your coin balance and receiving a percentage of the coin rewards from other user on that area.

Coin app comes with free, Coin Plus and Coin Pro. The cost at the time of writing is $24.95/month for Coin Plus and $34.95 for Coin Pro. There is a three-day trial where you can try one of the premium options for free. I have tried this and although my earnings increased spectacularly, I’m not in a position to pay kind of monthly fee advertised. If you do a job that requires a lot of travelling – taxi driver, HGV driver or regularly travel long distances, it could pay to opt for one of the premium versions.

There is another option to increase your earnings – buying a ‘sentinel’. A sentinel is a small device that fits on your keyring and serves to verify your location. Its possible to increase your earnings by up to x12 with this device. The key phrase here is up to, as it doesn’t guarantee huge earnings. However, I paid a one-off postage fee of around $12 for my sentinel and have seen my earnings increased significantly, so I’m happy with that particular purchase.

Coin App

I enjoy using Coin App and have now earned over 426,000 XYO tokens held in my Metamask Wallet. Download Coin App for Android or iPhone using this link and receive 1,000 coins straight on signup: DOWNLOAD COIN APP FOR ANDROID OR IPHONE HERE

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